Saturday, May 1, 2010

School Makeover 2010

Last year in November, my church Mt Albert Baptist Church went down the road to a local primary school, Mt Albert Primary School and did a school blitz.

Yesterday and today, we did the same to makeover certain parts of this local school. This initiative, in close liaison with the Board of Trustees, draws on local sponsorship and funding in order to complete certain much-needed projects. We had an auction on our Trade me, and also one in the church. I am cooking a 3 course Malaysian dinner. The bid went so high that I think I have to give a complimentary course. Even the school children, parents and teachers did their part in a fun run.


Ensurai said...

Well done!!

We in Miri should do like wise!

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Yes, well done to you and your church group Ann. Practical Christianity in action.

Pete said...

Wow, the school looks like newly built!