Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunday stills: Logos

We used to say, if it is branded, then it must be good. Some companies spend huge amounts of money suing others for infringement of their logos. I am posting Logos that most of you will not be familiar with.

This is Brand New Zealand. The Silver fern is our national icon. It goes as a net ball team, a train, appears on all our national sports men and women's clothing, and many New Zealand products.

This is our new Auckland City Council logo.

Our Air New Zealand Logo, is a Koru, another National Icon. The Koru is a spiral in Maori, and is our Kiwiana art form. You can see the Korus on people in the form of tattoos.
This is a marriage of a butterfly and a crocodile. Butterfly creek is a nature park of insects until it diversified and imported two crocodiles from Australia.

Here is where I pump my gas. They have a supermarket deal. If you spend $50 in the supermarket, they give you 4 cts off per litre. They also sell you a coffee for $1 if you buy more than $50 of gas. It used to be free coffee until the franchise ownder decided he was too generous.

This Hotel is called Crown Hotel. It is a higher class than a pub. I went in one day to inspect the washroom to see how royal it was. The hotel is quite posh and befitting of its name.
Greenbay is my green grocery. Makes me wonder why the lettering is red and not green.

A Christmas club, the hampster company is a funny sort of outfit. It caters to people who can't save for themselves. So you contribute weekly to this club. At the end of the year, you get a Christmas hamper. Often, these companies are frauds or their products cost far more than if you went to the supermarket or stores to buy them yourselves.

This is my friendly butcher. He is the man who puts computer chips in his meat packages to prevent meat lifting. He supports sports and is a patron for the Allergy Association because his grand child suffers from it. He's got my support and I buy most of my meat from him.

The residents and the police join hand in hand in this neighbourhood watch. Burglars beware, my neighbours and I are nosy parkers. We mind each others' business.

This is a Chinese Restaurant which a fancy logo, and a fancy name, the Shangri la. It has nothing to do with the Shangri la Hotel chain. I hope after this post, the hotel giant will not use a sledge hammer on this little wee guy.

The Kiwis originally are British stock. The cuppa of tea is very important. This Choysa tea has been quenching the thirst of New Zealanders since 1905. A very genuine NZ tea, though not one tea leaf is grown here.

Being ethnic Chinese, rice is very important in our diet. We use mainly Thai long grain Jasmine rice.
Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Company or Corporation logos
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This should be an easy one, things like the shell sign to fast food places to the more secretive not so obvious logos, look around and find some not so obvious ones….


Ah Ngao said...

hi Ann,this is nice - very informative.i like the neighborhood watch logo because of the extra warnings.

Verna Luga said...

Hi Ann, sa NZ diay ka? first choice baya jud namu ang NZ oi... alanganin pa man gud mi kay very small paman akong mga kids oi... salamat sa laag sa akong blog.

Pete said...

Very informative post!

PS : I have cooked something similar to the lobak using 'chee mong yaw', pig coul linings at this post
I think this the type of pork fat you meant in the comments.

Barry said...

What a wonderful collection Ann, although Butterfly Creek looks downright dangerous.

Anonymous said...

These were all very interesting. Nice to see the offerings of a different country. :)

Anonymous said...

As always a great post. It's so interesting to see these unfamiliar logos. I love the fern.

Ed said...

Extremely well done! Its fun to learn things about other countries...:-)

Regular Guy said...

Nice variety of logos I've never seen before. Great job.

玉燕 said...

The Caltex is very similar to ours.

Jan said...

Interesting to see the logos familiar to you.
Thanks for your comment on my post. No we don't travel all the time, we sing for Aged Care, 9 or 10 times most months and fit in some travel, and love the activities in our town.
If interested please see the About Me page accessed through my sidebar.
All the best - Jan

Jo said...

Lovely variety of logos, Ann. I only recognised the gas one - Caltex. What a bargain - we've never received any coffee for free or at a discount price when filling up with fuel. To answer your question about the asymetrical building in my Scenic Sunday photos: that is an asymentricl roof. It is the Burj Al Fateh - 5 star hotel on which I did a post in the middle of May. We had dinner at the very top of that building. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ann said...

Very interesting and informative post. I am unfamiliar with all the logos, except for the first one. Many years ago a lady in New Zealand sent me a silver broach just like that logo.

Jan said...

Hi Ann, thanks for your comment again. Good to hear about the Grey Warblers. We seem to be exchanging remarks. If you would like to send me an e-address to I could reply there - Jan

WildBlack said...

Ann, Great post! As always your post is filled with lots of interesting information :)

maryt/theteach said...

I love logos, Ann! I like these that I've never seen before. Thanks for posting on my "Weekend Reflections" post! :)

Unknown said...

really a good collection of logos and quite informative as well. thanks Ann

Serline said...

Don't worry about the restaurant... totally different Chinese characters; the hotel chain uses 香格里拉 ;-)