Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: A hen that thinks she is a boy.

We have a lot of excitement among my siblings. My sister Helen in Australia has a big problem causing an enormous headache. She has a hen that seems to be crowing. Blackey is an six month old Australop crossbreed. She can grow up to 4 kgs provided she doesn't crow again.

The council doesn't allow roosters in her house, and Helen is worried that she might have to use the axe. My other brother is quite happy to solve Helen's problem with the council or her neighbours. Her kids are very attached to Blackey and are very upset with the prospects of losing her.

"I locked all the chickens up in the timber hutch and blocked the light. This morning, Blackey crowed at 6 am. The crowing is not too loud coming from the box. But then, every thing else is making noises too. The crows are really loud, and kookaburras too.

I bought pellets for laying hens and hopefully, Blackey will balance her hormones.!!
I am still worried that the silly black hen destined for cooking pot. I am is giving Blackey a few weeks grace. If it lays eggs, then it can still be saved. Lincoln, my 10 year old, suggested that we should feed Blackey soy products for estrogens. " says Helen.

We have done a bit of research and some people suggest hormonal change can cause a hen to sound like crowing. It appears other Australians are having the same problem. May be it is that Australian species as I once watched an Australian Vet program, and it featured a dominant hen as well.

Do any of you have a similar experience with your hens?


Jama said...

I hope that hen will soon behaved herself otherwise it's going to be ayam goreng! lol
I didn't went into the science centre, we were merely passing through at the McDonald there due to the heavy rain. We went to the Snow City, next to the Science Centre.

Gattina said...

Lol ! poor hen ! I hope she can stay alive, nobody will bother if she doesn't "sing" like a rooster ! If only roosters are not allowed (like in many areas) hens yes big or small a hen is a hen in front of the law !

Dave said...

Strange isn't it Ann? We had a hen like that when I was a boy. - Dave

Ensurai said...

what a story!!

Pete said...

He, he poor mix up hen, make curry chicken with it, end the suffering!...LOL!

Connie said...

I have never heard of a hen crowing but then I'm not around them alot. Hope she figures out who she really is before she gets the axe!

Bradley Hsi said...

I wonder does it happen to Australian women too "LOL". Lincoln is such a smart boy, at 10, already know so many things, I bet he refuses to eat anything related to soy!!

No, Can not guess what that song is, I am not too good at music even for children's song!!

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Everytime the chicken crowed, prod it with a stick!! I hope this crowing will stop for her sake.

Anonymous said...

check with your chicken feed supplier what ingredients are in the chicken feed, may be he had chicken male hormones to make the chicken grow faster. You hear a lot of stories about chicken hormones.