Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Author and illustrator Gavin Bishop

Today is a day I want to kick myself for not bringing my camera. So I have to borrow this photo. Famous New Zealand Children writer and illustrator Gavin Bishop came to my school. I had the privilege of having afternoon tea and a chat with him.

I asked him about how to get a publisher for my book. He gave me some tips and he asked about my book. I told him the synopsis of my book, http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2008/11/mail-order-bride-synopsis.html. He said it has a good storyline.

Now, I am dreaming about being a published writer. LOL

Children’s book author and illustrator Gavin Bishop has won numerous national and international awards for his distinctive ink and watercolour illustrations and his original text. Bishop's illustrations have been exhibited at international shows from Japan to Czechoslovakia, and he has appeared as a teacher and guest speaker at many international forums. He has been commissioned to write and design several successful ballets for the Royal NZ Ballet Company and was awarded the prestigious Margaret Mahy Award in 2008. Piano Rock, published in 2008, serves as Bishop's early autobiography, full of tales and illustrations of his childhood years in the railway town of Kingston. The Storylines Gavin Bishop Award was established in 2009 in recognition of his contribution to children's literature.


Ah Ngao said...

...wow !

Ensurai said...

Isn't it lovely to meet with a published writer!!

I love children's books!! Can't read enough of them....

Don't forget to give me an autographed book of yours when it comes out.

Alice Law said...

Fascinating, would you send your blog readers a copy of your book if you got it published?:p

I love to read children book to my kids, would try to ransack for Gavin's books in the bookstore... if there's any available.

Have a nice day to you!

wenn said...

wish u all the best!

Reanaclaire said...

wishing you all the best too!

Terry said...

dear ann...i would have been kicking myself this ruby tuesday. as you know, i had my camera but no photo stick, i didn't have to kick myself though because bernie and his phone camera came to the rescue and saved the day!
you though? you surely should kick yourself for leaving your right hand at home and missing out on such a photo shoot occasion...ha!
i am with sara...don't forget to give me an autograph when your book is published because by the sounds of you it WILL be so!
god bless you..love terry

my favourite author is lucy maude montgomery who wrote the anne of green gables books..they were stories for children and stories for adults too, eh?