Friday, May 7, 2010

Save the World: Don't throw away empties

I was with Sam one mid morning in Ponsonby,famous for her up market eateries and restaurants. Outside a coffee bar was this stand with nicely folded coffee sacks, and an honesty box with a sign, gold coin donation to a primary school. When I saw this, I knew this is one story I want to write.

What a neat idea. The school gets some money, the coffee bar gets someone to take away his "empties" and hopefully the person who takes the sack will have good use of it.

I took a sack, it was a very good quality heesian sack. Sam asked what I wanted it for. I got a story to write about. I am still wondering what to do with the sack. Perhaps I will take it to school and get the young students to play a game and identify the alphabets.

The shop proprietor incurs some expenses as his worker has to restock the sacks and collect the money. Hopefully the worker is doing it happily for an immediate good cause for the school and a wider cause of saving the world.

Most of all, it restores my faith in man kind, if people use the honesty box, there will be some money for the primary school. A gold coin in New Zealand is either $1 or $2.


Dave said...

A good topic for your blog Ann. Topics can be hard to find sometimes huh? Good on the cafe proprietor for raising money for the school like this. - Dave

Suburban Girl said...

I wish for success with the honesty box! I think most people are honest but you get that one every now and then...

Ah Ngao said...

it's hard to come by this in Asian's countries - for many reasons

LadyFi said...

What a great idea.

Why not buy a few sacks and then have a sack race?