Monday, June 13, 2011

my world Tuesday/ Outdoor Wed/save the world:Wind power generators

I see the blades of this generator turning round and round on this yacht docked at Half moon Bay. I suspect those flat panels are solar panels.

What a way to go, enjoy this marine sports and not use the earth's precious resources.

Marine wind generators can help generate electricity to charge a boat's batteries while away from the dock. But careful installation and maintenance are critical.

Wind generators produce electricity when the wind spins their blades, and the harder the wind blows, the more power they produce.

Many larger sailboats and powerboats where the wind blows hard almost continuously mount marine wind generators to capture that wind energy and use it. There was strong gust of wind yesterday.

But boats in other areas can benefit from wind power as part of an overall electricity generation plan that might also include solar panels or even a diesel generator.


Anonymous said...

The world these days are going into global warming. With our works and all the things that we created made a big mess and damaged our earth. With that renewable energy source would truly help in reducing the damage that we had bought to it.

Wind Turbine Generators

Kel said...

boats and water are a big part of my world too

DawnTreader said...

Never seen that on a boat but then it's been a while since I was at the coast.

Tes said...

Wow, that's interesting, Ann. Wonderful innovation. Harnessing power from mother nature is free, why not take advantage indeed.

DawnTreader said...

Ann, yes Sweden does have a long coast line and also some big lakes (and many small ones), I just haven't been to the coast for a few years now. I live inland and although we have a river flowing through town it is too small for big yachts. So I haven't seen many boats lately and certainly none big enough for their own windmill ;)

SandyCarlson said...

Wind power. Seems sensible. May we make it work without too much trouble.

Reader Wil said...

Wind energy and solar energy is clean and cheap. But the Dutch government wants to have more nuclear power and plans to build a new power plant. I have always been opposed to nuclear power. We have a lot of wind in my country and why not use it!

lanyard keychain said...

Hi there Ann. I like to experience it a swell. Going out for adventure and also learning new things. The use of wind and sun to power anything saves the environment and makes life more sustainable.