Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friday shootout: Fishing

I grew up In Borneo, my Rejang River is very big, and there were creeks, my maternal grand dad had fish ponds. I grew up fishing.

When I came to New Zealand, I taught English as a second language. One of my students was a Vietnamese boy. He tells me," Girls NOT allowed."

These photos almost confirms what he said.


Member Voice for June 17 - National Fishing Day suggested by Camella
Camella's Member Voice on National Fishing Day.

Okay, I admit it I did not do a lot of research when I viewed a web based calendar that said June 18 was Go Fishing Day. I knew that National Fishing and Boating week was in June, so I just assumed… so let’s start over and say our theme for the week ending June 17th is “Fishing and/or Boating” in honor of National Fishing and Boating Week.

I grew up fishing with my dad. Most weekends were spent at a creek or river in North Florida fishing for Bream but often we would head to the pier on the beach and fish for Red Fish and whatever else we could catch. Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico we had our pick of what to fish for and fish was a staple of our diet.

More than 39 million people fish each year in the United States according to The American Sportfishing Association. This is 33 times more than the average attendance at ALL Major League baseball parks combined!

National Fishing and Boating week always falls the first full week in June and coincides with most states free fishing days. It is sponsored by The (RBFF) Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation which is administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; the RBFF was founded following the passing of the Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act of 1998 which “required the Secretary of the Interior to implement a national outreach and communication plan to address participation issues associated with recreational fishing and boating, while ensuring public support for aquatic resource conservation.” http://www.rbff.org/page.cfm?pageID=7


Kim, USA said...

Though I don't do fishing in the Philippines but fishing to me is very relaxing. ^_^
About my US citizenship, they gave us 100 questions which I have to study and memorize. When I was interviewed the officer asked me 11 or 12 questions thankfully I did answer all of them ^_^. And she asked me to write one sentence and read it, that's all. It's easy though but the anticipation makes me nervous ^_^

Jama said...

I've seen some ladies fishing here....one of girlfriend loves going out to open sea with the family to fish.

Jama said...

Jurong has one of the biggest industrial estate here, maybe that's why black dust? I'm allergic to dust/dust-mite,that's why I need to clean daily, tp prevent buildup ...wipe here and wipe there all the time...

Lilly said...

My Dad was a fisherman and a carpenter. We fished a lot with him and I can only say; there is nothing more relaxing and wonderful than being in a boat, feeling the salt spray splash on your face, feel the wind in your hair and come home with the catch.
Very nice article, enjoyed it immensely.

Pauline said...

I'm glad there is no "Girls not allowed" rule here. You got a couple of nice shots of the men though.

Kerry said...

Yeah, fishing is kind of a guy thing, but not entirely! I used to fish when I was little. Once I caught a big one and my brothers caught none; see, it served them right.

Marja said...

Nice pictures That's the one thing I've never done .. Fishing I think I haven't got the patience for it

Marja said...

Nice pictures That's the one thing I've never done .. Fishing I think I haven't got the patience for it

Doreen said...

that is funny, girls not allowed. I will admit, I don't like to bait my hook or take the fish off. lol great shots Ann!!