Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My world Tuesday/save the world/outdoor wednesday: Mountian cooking



In a little village in Sarawak Borneo, a woman is quietly doing her bit to save the world. She is Pantan Jiram (or Mrs. Entalai Aji or Robert's Mother...Indai Robert) She is cooking outdoors. Do you see the colored discs at the top left hand corner> They are not discs, but collapsed cans.

Fellow blogger Sarawakiana had the photo in her facebook and I asked her permission to use it.

She wrote: .my sister in law is recycling..sells them at 0.5 ringgit a kilo...but she cannot find anyone to buy the twist handle (which is more valueable....Sure you can use the photo...the honour is mine.

I don't buy canned drinks, and infact I hardly buy any carbonated drinks. I am saving my wallet and waist line, besides doing the honorable thing of saving the world.

To My World Tuesday, I am taking you to a journey to Borneo. Note the way her chicken is cooked in a bamboo tube. It is Pansoh ayam in the making!! Not many people have seen this way of cooking. I have because I have sibling-in-laws who are natives of Borneo.


Ginny Hartzler said...

The chicken is in a tube? Interesting. What is the twist handle?

wenn said...

sounds great!

eileeninmd said...

Very interesting and a cool photo. Thanks for sharing, Ann!

Reader Wil said...

Wonderful to meet people who are so environmentally conscious! She is an example for all women.My daughters are the same. I try to be like this. At least I have solar panels on my roof and I'd rather have my furniture mended than buy new things.
Thanks for your visit and supporting Unicef!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Very international too.

Have a nice day, Boonie