Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday shootout :Night or dusk

These photos were taken on summer in Australia/

My sis-in-law brought carolling to the neighbourhood.

The surf guard was closing the beach.

This girl was "singing for her supper." She was very pleased when I took her photo.

The theme for June 3rd is Your Town at Night or Dusk. Show us your town's hot spots and the quiet spots. This will be good practice for night shots. For a bit of info click on Night Photography Lesson. Dusk is better to shoot in than when it gets very dark. Just have fun and enjoy shooters!!



Ginny said...

Good nighttime pictures. That's a very pretty girl!

Doreen said...

nice look around your town at night Ann. the first one summer in Australia and they are wearing Santa hats. funny. cute shot.