Monday, March 7, 2011

save our world: Don't aerial drop brodifacoum,

The application for the a toxic poison,Brodifacoum Drop on Shakespear Open Sanctuary has been granted. Aerial dumping of toxin indiscriminately kills, both target and non target species.Doc (Department of conservation) had aerial dropped, Brodifacoum, on two of the islands between Auckland and Waiheke Island. We started seeing dead fish, penguins, even dogs walking on the beach were dying.

Below was a post I did in 2009 when I went to Shakespear Park. It was so idyllic with peacocks coming up to you for food. It will be a sad day when I visit the park and found all the wildlife dead. I have been to other places where I see baited trapped. I wonder why they don't use these traps here.
From wild and windy Orewa, we drove to Whangaparoa Peninsula. Here the beach was calm and I went out for a long walk along the beach and picking shells on the way. There I found shells of snails.
I have never seen so many native bird pukekoes at one area. They looked like sheep grazing grass. There were friendly peacocks. I couldn't resist taking this photo of a peacock coming close to the boy for his crisps.pear/">Shakespear Regional Pa">The park offers a sanctuary with magnificent panoramic views. The inner Hauraki Gulf can be admired in all its glory and Auckland City can be seen on the horizon.

Birds from nearby Tiritiri Matangi Island sanctuary have migrated across to the regenerating native forest on Shakespear. You can hear bellbirds and see the occasional kakariki. In the spring you are able to enjoy the newborn lambs amongst the expansive rural pastural setting.

At Te Haruhi Bay the resident peacocks display. White-faced herons, stilts and dotterels frequent the tidal flats of Okoromai Bay, and tui and native pigeons flourish in the regenerating forest of Waterfall Gully.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

I like to lambs jumping in the meadows....why would ANY ONE want to kill them chemically? So sad.

Shifan said...

HI Ann
Yes we must protect them. They decorate our world.

Ginny said...

Why are they dropping this poison?

diane b said...

That is bad news. There must be a better way to get rid of pests, which are???/

Marja said...

That's horrible. It is amazing how many toxins and poisons are allowed here in NZ

Ann said...

They want to kill rodents like immigrant rats and stoats which eat the eggs of native Kiwis and other birds.

lisa said...

Peacocks are such beautiful birds and it is a shame that to get rid of one thing you sacrifice something so wonderful. Ann, you have a wonderful blog.