Thursday, March 3, 2011

sunday stills: Your favourite place: New Zealand

My favourite place is New Zealand.

It is a small dot in the South Pacific Ocean, but we are not isolated. Container ships like this come and bring us things we need and take away our produce to the rest of the world.

We pride ourselves to be clean and green. I have seen many outdoor furniture made by natural material, some without lead filled paints.

We have many nationalities living in relatively harmony. We have many Polynesians from Samoa, Tonga, Cook islands, Fiji. This weekend, they are presenting Pasifika again to the rest of the world.

We are surrounded by the sea, the seafood is abundant. The Maoris tell you that you will never starve in New Zealand.

To me, the best bit is within the inner city, you get stretches of native bush where you can unwind.

This video was shot by a young budding 14 year boy which depicts very much of the New Zealand landscape. The country nurtures creativity. He is my son.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Your Favorite Place
Posted in Sunday Stills with tags Sunday Stills on February 27, 2011 by Ed

This will be fun as it can be anyplace you have been or in your local area. Wherever you feel at peace or just like to relax..:-)

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Your Favorite Place
Posted in Sunday Stills with tags Sunday Stills on February 27, 2011 by Ed

This will be fun as it can be anyplace you have been or in your local area. Wherever you feel at peace or just like to relax..:-)

clean clean New Zealand.

I have lived in a hot tropical Island of Borneo.
I have lived in Freezing Canadian Winter.
I have climbed the steps to the Statue of Liberty.
I have lived in the ultra modern urban skyscraper city of Singapore.

But this is my favourite place,
New Zealand which I call home.

Where the National Anthem still calls " God to defend our Country."

Yesterday, the country was galvanized and wore red and black to show out support to our earth quake ravished countrymen, the Canterbrians. Groups raised funds, and I was pleasantly shocked a secondary school raised more that $13,000. This is what hugs my heart strings.


diane b said...

It certainly is a beautiful country. We have visited twice. We did the South Island one year and the North Island another. Our friends who couldn't make it to Canada with us due to illness are now well enough to do a Scenic Tour of New Zealand. They leave tomorrow. I wish we were going with them. I hope the Canerbarians will all recover and rebuild thebeautiful city of Christchurch. You have a budding film maker there.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes...beautiful country and beautiful people with big hearts. I have met lots of N Zealanders in Sarawak and they are some of the most wonderful people I know.

Ed said...

Great post and beautiful country.:-)

Jama said...

NZ is a very beautiful country, with more sheeps than human! that's one thing I still remember from the tour guide there. lol

Reader Wil said...

New Zealand is very beautiful. It looks like Norway which is my favourite country. It has mountains and woods and fjords like Norway.
Thanks for your visit. Edam is nice cheese, but so is Gouda and Leiden cheese. Three cities in the Netherlands. Furthermore we have Leerdammer cheese, Maaslander and Maasdam Cheese, Old Amsterdam and Limburger Cheese. We are a country of cheeses. The Belgians call us, teasingly, Cheeseheads. I like all those cheese varieties.Even if I was raised in Indonesia( Java), with delicious Indonesian food and China food, I also like Dutch food.

Reader Wil said...

The video is really funny! Your son has a lot of fantasy and creates a great story about the explorers looking for the Mariana Trench(spelling ??), threatened by the Amazonians. Thank you for this thrilling story!

DawnTreader said...

I've never been to NZ but from what I've seen of it from blogs and films etc I can see both similarities and differences compared to my own country (Sweden).

Karin said...

We have a nephew in New Zealand but have only been to the USA and Europe for vacations. It was good catching up on your recent posts! Have a great week-end!

chloephotography said...

hope all is well for you over there

Brenda said...

You have a beautiful country. I love seeing part of the rain forest. I pray all is well.

aurora said...

New Zealand is beautiful, and nears the top of my list of places I hope to visit someday.

Shirley said...

The video was funny! NZ is indeed a lovely country.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Looks lovely! I'm envious.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You son certainly can run fast and film at the same time.

You live in a marvelous country, I probably will never get to visit there..except through your blog:)

MTWaggin said...

Those green areas even in the city (we have city parks) are absolutely a wonderful relaxing thing! Nice job!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to see your sons film, he is fun.
also wonderful to have a peak into your beautiful world. Sending light to all around the earthquake!

ladyfi said...

Wonderful! It sounds as if you live in paradise

delirious jellybean said...

NZ is like home to me :) I spent fours years doing my undergrad degree there and I was taken in by the Maoris. You can guess the rest! Haha! Have a lovely weekend! :)

ladyfi said...

Your son is too funny!

What a gorgeous country you live in!