Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday stills/save the world: Canine Companions

I don't have a dog. I secretly take photos of dogs because I am afraid the owners might not be happy.

Here these dogs have no owners. These photos are my favourite.

Many years ago, someone abandoned a bitch. She came to the neighbourhod of Nanyang View, NTU in Singapore and had puppies. The children and some parents were delighted.
The campus residents were divided into two camps. Those who liked the puppies, and those who didn't.

The person whose apartment faced where the bitch had the puppies didn't like the shit, urine and the smell. But no one adopted the puppies. The kids just came to her garden to feed the puppies and left a mess with the plastic containers. So she rang the SPCA while the kids were away in school before the dog lovers had a chance to find homes for them. These were mongrel puppies, no one wanted them. So the puppies were put down. Many kids cried, and the poor woman became public enemy number one.

The moral of the story is you must spay or neuter your pet animals, and save the world from abandoned animals. When I lived in Singapore, I belong to the Cat cafe, we rescue cats, feed them and spay or neuter them. Then there won't be an explosion of stray animals because of irresponsible owners.

This pix is cropped for privacy reasons. The chubby boy is my son when he was three..


Anonymous said...

Sad story. Sounds like you all need a spay center for dogs as well. :)

Janice said...

I was thinking what a sweet picture until I read the rest of the story. I'm not liking that woman much either.....but you are right fix your animals and then we have less people like that woman to dislike.

MTWaggin said...

A story and a moral - great shots and there are always those "two camps". I just roll my eyes at the "not happy ones" and move on. You are right spay and neuter your pets (and strays when you can).

Sarawakiana@2 said...

We have lots of strays here too. Most of my dogs (faithful pets) have come from mother dogs who gave birth near our house. And then we have to take the rest of the puppies to the TAMU or market to be given away. Some vets will take them too. In between we have great Labradors. I once bought two Charles Spaniel but one Chinese New Year they were stolen.

Dora said...

Hope the people got the message & your son is very cute with chubby face :-)

Small Footprints said...

It's so important to spay/neuter one's pet. And for all the people who feed feral animals, they would do the animals a service by catching them, having them spayed/neutered, and then release them, continuing to feed them as usual. Those who simply feed feral animals ... while good intentioned ... are doing the animals a disservice. Why not get them "fixed" and allow them to live out their lives without adding to the populations. It's sad when these animals continue to reproduce only to be destroyed.

Thanks Ann! :-)