Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save the world: use natural materials.


I bought these organic peaches during our school's Crop for Christchurch. These were lovely juicy peaches which some students and their parents had donated to school.

These tiny organic apples were donated to my church at Mt Albert Baptist Church. I took them to school to talk to my students. I had a supermarket bought apple to show them the comparison. The students had a long way to go. They didn't want the tiny apples. They wanted the big apple. I gave them a lesson of no fertiliser, no poisonous spray. They were not convinced. There is still a long way to go for us to convince children to eat organic food.

You notice the basket that I have put the peaches it? It is made of the New Zealand Flax. When I was volunteering in the Zero waste management in Okahu Bay on Waitangi bay, I was very impressed by the stall holders who were dishing their food in these containers. I asked a man if I could have his empty basket.
He looked at me, "You want my empty rubbish basket?"

I smiled, I said, "I want to recycle it."

I didn't tell him I wanted it to feature in this post.

The world will be a better place if we practice: No fertiliser, no pesticides and use natural resources and of course recycle and reuse.

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Dave said...

Hmm Ann, I wonder about that organic fruit. It may be healthier (no sprays or fertiliser) but the size is pathetic. Plants need plant food to grow and be healthy, and if they don't get enough the can't produce healthy fruit or vegetables. I'm not convinced otherwise. Sorry. - Dave