Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Save the world: Happy Birthday BP Oil Spill

Happy Birthday BP Oil spill,
The authorities may have forgotten,
The birds have not,
Neither has the sea animals, and the fish.

Save the world,
Don't let there be another spill.
Before it is too late.
You may not have a drop of coffee to spill.

Today is the one year anniversary of the deep sea oil disaster in the US Gulf of Mexico. The flotilla opposing deep sea oil drilling has taken on supplies - and is heading back out to the Raukūmara Basin off East Cape to make sure that a similar catastrophe does not happen in New Zealand waters.

Deep sea oil drilling risks both our economy and environment and the burning of fossil fuels drives climate change. For these reasons oil is a dead-end industry. As a powerhouse of renewable energy, New Zealand shouldn’t be risking everything we value to chase the last drops of oil, we should be weaning ourselves off the bad oil and getting on board for the clean energy revolution the whole world so urgently needs.~GreenPeace~



diane b said...

A good reminder post of how fragile our planet is.

Dave said...

Yes, I hope electric cars become the norm soon. Then the cost of oil and fuel won't matter to us. - Dave

Ensurai said...

I saw the news....and the birds look so overwhelmingly lost and sad!! What have we done!!

Use less petrol. Pedal bicycles!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I totally agree, the drillers are completly unable to manage it, and then they lie about it as well. They are spoiling the earth.

Unknown said...

Mother earth is crying, so sad :( but worst, mother earth is not just keeping quiet and it reacts in the most violent way ever. Is there no solution to this problem. Hope you are well Ann :)

Anonymous said...

So very sad... We need to find alternative sources of power and soon!