Saturday, April 9, 2011

sunday stills: 4 points

Sunday Stills, TNC: 4 points
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Read this its a pretty cool challenge. Find and interesting or not so interesting place and stand and take pics of the 4 points of the compass. North,South,East and west. The point of this challenge is that we have a tendency to only look in one direction when taking pics. for instance photographing a sunset you rarely look behind you to see the setting sun light up a barn or hillside ot beside you to notice the shadows created by the trees or other objects… Have fun..:-)

When you come to Auckland, you will notice a few volcanic cones. We often take a bird's eye view of Auckland city.

This was taken at Mt Victoria at Devonport. No sunset on this day, as it was rainy.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I remember those muchrooms! I think you posted them once long ago. This is a really good and well thought out challenge, and you picked good pictures for it!

Ensurai said...

This is very interesting. Reminds me of Kit's Hill in Cornwall which has a 360 degrees view of Cornwall...I should have taken a 4 points photo there. It was cold when I was there and did not think well....arh.....arh.... A missed opportunity..May be I will go up to Canada Hill in Miri and do one...ahahahah You come and we do together...

diane b said...

Great views, pity about the rain.