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Sunday Stills: Camera

Sunday Stills, TNC: Your Camera(s) and Gear
Posted in Sunday Stills with tags Sunday Stills on March 27, 2011 by Ed

So we have seen the pics, now lets see the camera and gear that gets all those great pics. Bonus points if you have any classic old cameras, add those in for a bit of fun too..:-)

Sorry Ed, I only have one camera which is working, and I didn't think of using a mirror to take a reflection of this one I have been using. I left my other one which is broken at school. My kids were fascinated when I let them use it and we had a lesson of drawing our own photos.

My first love affair was the first ever camera I had seen. Dad went to London when I was a baby. He was the first in the clan to get a scholarship to study in UK. He bought a camera and when he toured Europe, he snapped a lot of photos.

When he returned, he let us use it when we joined the school's photography club. Can't remember the brand, but it is printed in my mind. It was a very special camera.

The subsequent ones I had were all films, the husband caught the bug, and took wedding photos of friends, and he took lots and lots of photos of our first born,

I am using my second digital camera. This one in the photo was my daughter's. It is a Canon.

With just one camera, I feel that I can't submit my work to Ed. So I decided to do something about the country that made this camera.

Tomorrow, we have a team's themed morning tea. We just had our Day light saving, the theme is light and dark. I wrecked my mind wondering what food there is that is black. I thought of the Japanese Onigiri. It is made of white rice and black sesame seeds. I wanted to spread my "Save the world" message. I know many would not like to eat it. So I wrote a message to go with it.
"Japanese Onigiri, rice balls eaten by earthquake victims. Please reflect before you eat."

If you watched the TV news, you would have seen the rice balls or cakes distributed to the victims, rescue workers. Onigiri are available almost everywhere and has suddenly become the main staple for the people here.

Onigiri is simple to cook and can feed a lot of people. It was a time-honoured snack for many Japanese people.

I made miniature triangles and half then because it is not easy for the untrained palate to eat them. I also made some plained balls in case they didn't like the black sesame seeds.


Ginny Hartzler said...

A picture of black and white food...can't imagine how it tastes to them, maybe it is a staple for them. The black almost looks like an earthquake on a plate.

Rune Eide said...

I use various Canons myself, so I can second both your photo and support of the victims in Japan.

PS The photo was shot at the end of October last year.

diane b said...

I would try them.

Ensurai said...

Now when I eat rice balls I think of earthquakes..I love black sesame seeds. May be for the next cell group meeting if it is my turn to do the food I will make them...

I saw some footage of onigiri rice balls in Japan - one rice ball to be shared by was so heart breaking I could not get myself to eat for a day!! All food turned tasteless after that.

Anonymous said...

Cute little camera. It gets the job done. :)

I keep the survivors in Japan in my heart and prayers. :)

wenn said...

the rice balls look good..

Gattina said...

I don't know what this food is, but anyway I don't like black and white pictures, lol ! I am very happy with my little Sony Cyber shot camera, takes no space and the pictures are good (at least in my opinion)

Ed said...

Very nice, rice balls have always been a staple food in Japan, as well as Ramen noodles..:-)

Karin said...

Very well done photos! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

you have taken some great shots with your camera. We will all pray for the survivors, praying that they are finding the food and the help they need to survive.