Monday, November 21, 2011

My World Tuesday: University of Windsor, international day
When I was at the University of Windsor, I joined the Malaysian Indonesiian and Singapore Association, aka as MISSA. I was the assistant liaison officer, and secretary.

Once a year, we joined other nations in celebration of International Night. That year, I was part of the Candle dance. Can't remember who the others were, but it was a beautiful dance. We were young then in 1975-77.

I heard the steel drums from the Carribean for the first time.


Lim Chin Yong said...

Hi Ann, if I am not mistaken, I went to University of Windsor to take my TOEFL test. It was in January 1978 during the winter time.

Jo said...

Oh I just love photos from the seventies! Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Jo

Anonymous said...

love these redscale photos

Joyful said...

do you mean the University of Windsor in Canada? Or some other country? I love the vintage photos.