Saturday, November 19, 2011

sunday stills: Portraits.

Sunday Stills-Portraits (November 20th)

This week’s challenge is Portraits. Let’s not only share some beautiful photographs, but also a new tip or two learned along the way. What worked, what didn’t… If you don’t have a willing human subject, it’s just as challenging to take good dog, cat, horse, armadillo portraits ;-).

After a long hike in a hot humid Borneo jungle, an ice cold can of sprite is heavenly to touch, says Sam. With a bit of corruption, I think I got a good photo.

Whose hand can be tougher than mine? asks the seller of Durian, the king of fruits which is hard and prickly like a hedgehog. This photo doesn't show much of the face.

This satin sheet is so smooth to touch and it is better when it's sun dried and wind blown. A reluctant model, children can be difficult to photograph.

Sam love tomatoes. Here he just harvested little tomatoes from our one and only plant. Another reluctant model, he says, take my hand.

My brothers loved flying kites. I guess they would give anything now to touch the strings and fly kites like they did once upon a time. Taking a photo of the model and the kite is hard.

This is not what I like to touch, Thomas tells me that it is OK to touch the mouse.

Here's Olivia and Thomas. My daughter G and Sam had done it before, so did I. We inheritted the Amazonian women's genes from our Hakka mum and Grandma.

with children, they don't stay still, and part of their head gets chopped off.


diane b said...

Some good portraits here and beautiful children.

Linda said...

I love the photo of Thomas and his lets you see what a character he is.

Janice said...

I really like the first one and Thomas and the Mouse.....the little girl with the snake......let's just say she is much braver than me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is definitely Thomas and the mouse....too cute. :)

Brenda said...

beautiful and cute childrren. I loved the girl holding the snake. My husband loves eating those small cherry tomatoes.

Ed said...

Great shots, I actually drean of a Borneo jungle trek..:-))

Firas said...

Very nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Cutes kids, and amazing pets huh?