Monday, November 28, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday: University of Windsor

We rented big American cars. One of them was Oldsmobile. We packed so many of us in it like sardines. Now I recall why I don't like journeies, my fun begins only when we arrive at the destination.

This photo is for you Ning and Wong, somehow, we went that trip without you.

The international students in Windsor university worked very hard. We had to, our parents paid for our expensive fees and accommodation. We were not allowed to work. So most of us did summer school.

Once in a while, we rented a car and went to unwind and have fun. For thise who could drive, these big American cars were a joy. I drove at home, but I am not very adventurous, I don't drive other people's car. Today, I avoid driving my husband's car.


Cheryl said...

Great photos...looks like there was no shortage of fun with friends.

SandyCarlson said...

Those were the days! Looks like you had good fun with good folks. That's nice.