Wednesday, November 30, 2011

save the world, Run or walk, prolong your life

I read about Move it, move it , a slogan for anti Alzheimer's disease. The more physically active a person is, the more likely his brain will stay healthy as he ages. They say regular aerobic exercise can help prevent or delay this horrible disease.

The hay day of my running was 7 years ago when I ran the quarter marathon. I hung up my running shoes as soon as I finished the race. My husband keeps telling me that I mustn't rest on my past laurels, and been encouraging me to run again.

With the weather warming up, I decided I will walk again, and bought two pairs of shoes. One is a tone-walker and one has unique gel technology. They should set the path for me to walk again.

Activation toning pods create natural and multi-directional instablility while you walk, run or jog during your regular fitness regime.

Key Benefits

The arc shaped sole naturally activates your body’s core support and leg muscles. This in effect forces your muscles to exert more effort with every step you take.

The simple rolling motion with each stride in the TONEWALKER creates an u setting compared to walking on a completely flat surface. The rolling foot motion you go through stimulates your leg and glute muscles into action.

Due to the distinct profile of your TONEWALKERs, you are required to increase focus on your centre of balance to maintain walking stability. This in turn triggers more concentration on walking posture and form.

Shatter - a women's netball and athletic shoe featuring unique Gel technology to minimise heel strike impact pressure while maximising energy return.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your shoes are really pretty! Is that the medal you won at the marathon? Be sure and start out slow and easy, then gradually increase, so you don't pull anything or get too winded!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Ginnym you are so wise. Today, my princopal was telling us, now she got 2 lousy legs, last year, she slop and broke a bone at the ankle. On Sunday, she step off and hurt her other ankle.

I have weak pelvic floor muscle, and you know what it means? I can run without....., I mainly walk, but recenlty run slowly about 50 metres.

The shoes are new, not even worn when I took the photo. One of it is supposed to help me balance like a see saw. I am learning to walk.

Reanaclaire said...

Oh, that reminds me.. I must go for walking exercise with my girl since now she has finished her exams... hope it wont rain! :)

Reader Wil said...

You are amazing! You are so active and interested in the lives of other bloggers.
You asked me about the value of apologies. I think an apology is not necessary, if only a country knows what happened in the past. The soldiers who abused us are either very old men or dead. They leave it to innocent people to spologize for their deeds. We have had some coensation. The Dutch should also apologize for the atrocities some of them committed in Indonesia and may be in other colonies. We are all citizens of guilty nations. Only you and I and our relatives and friends didn't commit those crimes. Still there is no nation without being guilty of warcrimes. And it goes on and on.

Unknown said...

Sweet Ann ... congrats! on tha medal for your marathon! My son doe full marathon's, I accolade all who can run.
Love your shoes ...

Have a lovely weekend ~

SandyCarlson said...

I just learned a lot, thanks to you. Great post. Congratulations on your medal.

diane b said...

A good idea to take up running or walking again. I like walking and do it every morning. I bought a pair of those shoes that have a roll sole so thanks for all the info about them. I'm glad that I have them now. Congrats on your half marathon. Have another go.