Monday, December 12, 2011


Cars are very expensive in Singapore, when we bought our brand new Hyundai Sonata, with the same money, my brother Joseph joked that we could buy a merc in Australia.
What was worst, we barely had it for less than 5 years when we left, and we scrapped it for a fraction of the price we paid for it.
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore implemented an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme to deter traffic congestion during peak hours at various roads. The ERP scheme requires electronic gantries to be placed over the road at designated locations and that cars be equipped with an In-Vehicle Unit (IU), a rectangular device pasted on the inside bottom right of the front windscreen from the driver's view, which will deduct the toll price from a CashCard. The CashCard must be inserted into the device, and to fail to do so is in violation of law. There is no charge for entering the area during certain non-peak times.
[edit] Parking

The cost of parking in many upgraded car parks can be deducted from the CashCard inserted in the IU of the vehicle, thus eliminating the need for the car park to have an attendant.

This rental car reminds me of the message to drive less, use public transport. The trouble with Auckland and her history of quarter acre houses meant that the city is spread out very widely. Compounded with our public transport of buses and trains are not very efficient. The water engineer and I work in different directions and at different times, so it hardly makes sense to use the public transport.

We did our bit of driving less not because we were greenies, but because it made economical sense.

New car buyers are required to buy a Certificate of Entitlement. The term "bidding" is often used but, in practice, new car dealers assist in the process. The fee of each successfully obtained COE is added on the costs of a new car based on engine size (usually lower for cars with 1600cc engine or smaller, and higher vice versa). The COE is valid for 10 years. There are provisions for a rebate of the COE if the car is scrapped before 10 years.

The COE costs have increased in recent years. The October 2011 COE for Category B (1601 cc engine and larger) was S$63,600.[9]
Back before S was born, we drove a "weekend" car. The car registration plate was red, and by paying less money to the Government, we could drive our car only from Saturday afternoon to Monday before dawn. For the rest of the days, you need a twenty dollar coupon to use the car. It worked out quite well when we car-pooled with our friends driving the two girls in two separate schools. We would drive two days and I did my shopping on those days. Then D went to another school where we could not car pool, and we paid a lot of money to have it converted back to a normal car.

Here in Auckland, we are stuck between a shopping centre and a shopping mall. If I do not need to buy a lot of things, I trust my worthy bus NO 11. (my two pair of legs.)


Ginny Hartzler said...

Our pastor likes the Sonatas so much that he buys a new one every year. Wow, we don't have anything like this sophisticated electronic road system here.

Katya kate said...

This is a good education on SG transportation policy. Very systematic and well-organized.

Jo said...

Oh I LOVE your worthy bus # 11! Having those laws about when to drive and paying for parking etc would never work in Africa (or South Africa, for that matter) Thanks for the lovely post. Have a wonderful Christmas, Ann and a blessed New Year. Jo

eileeninmd said...

Seems like an interesting system if it helps to prevent traffic jams. I wish I had public transporation where I live but I am too far from work and the bus lines.

Ensurai said...

I really wish that Asians will walk and cycle more....And I hope Mirians will do the same too...Lovely thoughts surrounding Bus No.11

Ensurai said...

I really wish that Asians will walk and cycle more....And I hope Mirians will do the same too...Lovely thoughts surrounding Bus No.11

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