Monday, December 26, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday: Preserving natural habitat

Naughton and Nelson have been determined for years to donate a substantial chunk of a Georgian Bay island, Ingersoll Island, to Canadian conservation authorities. They wanted to keep the pristine land out of the hands of big developers as real estate prices soared in the area.

My friend King highlighted this article and asked if I would blog about it. She said, "We can't find such generous souls in our present society. These American set a very good example."

This makes me think seriously of "Paradise lost" my grand parents and my parents home had become. I show a photo of a creek in Auckland which I visited today. It is not unlike a creek I once grew up with. My grandparents and parents had rubber garden holdings, and fruit trees, and free range chicken and ducks. We used to swim in the creek, do our washing, collect water for our cooking.

Our fondest memory was how brave our oldest Sister Rose was when she saved my brother Charles from drowning. Alas, sadly, the properties do not belong to us now. The government ordered force block sale back to the government at a much lower price. Gone were our roots.

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have land set aside for this. We have some areas near us which our town has set aside and we enjoy walking there.