Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Stills -Backlit

Sunday Stills -Backlit (December 4th)
by Linda

This next weeks challenge is to back light something. A while ago I saw the most perfect aspen leaf on Flickr……the light was behind it and every minute detail showed up.

Hi Linda,

I am not sure about this week's challenge. Looks more bokeh to me.

sure about this


Unknown said...

I have not tried backlit photography yet as far as I can remember ^_^ Yes that flower and the cosmos are the ones who survived the first frost and even several flurries. They are annuals and I seeded them last Summer and by the end of Summer they bloom till fall and they are so pretty. Next year I am going to plant more and I guess plant it ahead of time like end of spring so I could enjoy them they are so pretty! I think they are zinnia's.


2browndawgs said...

Very nice. I really like that third one.

Unknown said...

Your entries sounds so much fun, I just might join in soon ;)