Saturday, December 24, 2011

Save the world: Don't waste

This is my own "Christmas tree" aka plum tree. At this time of the year, the tree is laden with red baubles. I can't use all of them, so I pick some to give to friends. I also invited the neighbouring kids who are also my students to come and pick them.

If the fruits are not picked, they would go to waste by dropping and and eaten by birds.
Relying on an expanding team of volunteers, assistance is always appreciated and most definitely needed; businesses as well as individuals are welcome. Di is currently seeking assistance in the construction of a website, to better promote Community Fruit Harvesting, and transportation to permit the distribution of fruit to a larger number of charitable organisations.

Click here for more information, to register as a volunteer, or request fruit picking services. Alternatively, email Di at: .


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your Christmas tree has been decorated by God! Merry Christmas, Ann!!!!

Ensurai said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
this is the month of abundance in Sarawak. Over production of rambutans..and primary sellers have no way to sell them...prices are dropping and sometimes thelong house dwellers just have to give away baskets of rambutans or durians to good friends!!
May they be rewarded in other ways...

Kim, USA said...

Hi Ann, I thought it's apple tree. Plum tree is one of the best too. Good to hear nothing is wasted it aches my heart to see so many food are wasted and many people don't have nothing. And because I saw this year so much fruits are wasted I am going to save money for a machine to make a fruit juice. Hate to see grapes, apples are rotten and here we are buying preservative fruits in can and fresh fruits are wasted. This year hubby and I planted 2 cherry trees added to my three peach tree, next year I might pick plum or apple. And I found out the best time to buy trees is in fall because it's all half off. ^_^ Merry Christmas!

Kim, USA