Friday, March 16, 2012


On St Patrick's day, our Auckland Sky Tower will be Green. When I first posted the photo, I explained that my cousin Alicia took this photo. Alicia came to visit and stay with us. We told her to go across the bridge and take it from the other side of the isthmus. I posted on Facebook. Alicia's first baby as born yesterday. Perhaps she could name him Patrick.

March 16 - Bring on the Green It is almost St. Patty's Day!

Auckland will be the first city in the world to go green for St Patrick's Day.

The festival begins in the City of Sails this morning with a parade on Queen Street, and Irish bands, singers and dancers on the waterfront.

Irish Consul General Rodney Walsh is looking forward to seeing the city's Sky Tower tonight.

"As it's the first tower in the world to turn green on the setting sun on St Patrick's day, as it goes green around the world, others will follow."
Rodney Walsh says 31 sites around the world will go green for St Paddy's.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ann
Hope you manage to get some good shots of the tower when it changes colour.
What is the forecast for St Pat's Day - we were up there last November on a cool day but did enjoy the view. Think I'm going to be green with envy lol
Take care

Cathy @ Still Waters

Ensurai said...

Interesting...our local club here GCM used to have St. patrick's day celebration...may be still held in Brunei ...nice going green.

Kerry said...

The only thing that turns green in my town on St Pat's day is the beer. I wish we had a tower like this! I hope you get a pic on the 17th.

Pauline said...

I wonder if the parade lived up to its claim of being the most entertaining in the Southern Hemisphere. Hope you got a pic of the green Sky Tower.

Jama said...

That first photo is simply awesome!
Ann, feel free to use any of my photos, I'm honored that someone like my photo and want to use it.

EG CameraGirl said...

Ha! Auckland must the the first to celebrate almost any international holiday. :))

GingerV said...

yes the first shot is great. so are there many Irish in Aukland that you had the first celebration?

Unknown said...

I too hope you get some shots of the tower. I have never seen that.

Bagman and Butler said...

Yes, I would lover to see the tower. And I like the greenpeace guy -- very appropriate organization for green!