Friday, March 30, 2012

Photohunt/Save the world: Gigantic Garage Sale.

Artificial flowers and an artificial surf guard were for sale. The child who gave up his bear has a big heart.

Some of the busy people at the sale this morning, Mike Buckley and Nell Dickey from CBM, Jean from CBM and church, Eileen and David Asbury from Church. There were of course, many people who helped. The weather was excellent. I recall, not too long ago, I was at one where we had to rush and grab out stuff to the walk way because it rain twice.

Jean has a passion for children. I have a passion for Africa. Jean is going to Africa. My Church Mt Albert Baptist Church supported her cause. There was a monster garage sale and more than 10 members of the CBM people were here. The weather was glorious. I was there not to work, but to take photos and I made a new friend Mike.

Mike told me he wasn't going to Africa, but to India. Coincidentally, as I was driving to the sale, I heard over the radio, how people are afraid to go to India because they were afraid to catch the Indian belly. It is very admirable for people to leave the comforts of their home country to go to a third world.

Ka Pai jean, Ka Pai Mike.

Monster Garage Sale started today from 7.30am. It is a mutual help. You get rid of your clutter – household goods, furniture, clothing, books, toys, crockery, white-ware, kitchen-ware and so much more. The needy people buy the stuff cheaply and all the proceeds go to Africa. This time the proceeds go towards transporting children's Christian literature to Africa.

What is CBM?
Since 1963, CBM has been committed to “Helping You Reach Today’s Children”. We are a non-denominational, non-profit organisation with branches in several countries.
CBM depends on the prayer and gifts of interested supporters for the continuation of the work – helping Christians reach the children of the world with the positive Christian message and to disciple them in their walk.
A brief overview of the history and ministry of CBM.

What does CBM do?
1. We reach out to children in holiday camps, schools, churches and other ministry settings.
2. We train and equip those who are doing a spiritual work with children.
3. We produce and distribute high quality, relevant, life-changing teaching resources.

The theme for today's photohunt is artificial.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This really is an enormous sale, so many pitched in!!! Have you found out yet how much money was raised? How many members does your church have? Must be a big church, do you know most of the people there or is it too big for that?

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

This is for Ginny, but also for anyone who are interested.

Church plays a very important role in my life. When my baby was dying, my church gave me spiritual and practical help. They up lifted me. It may be something most of you will never understand. It is very personal to me.

I will answer your question re: garage sale tomorrow. Sometimes, they announce it in church tomorrow.

I think we have 300 plus members, committed ones.

We have 4 sessions, At 2 sessions of complementary worship, we fill the auditorium which seats 300.

Now I don't know all of them, as we have 4 sessions. Even at the session I go to, I don't know everyone. Sometimes, some people keep to themselves. I try to say hi, but I have terrible memories of names. I am on duty at the electronic cash machine, so I see more people than others.

We have a Life Group, a small group of about 7. We meet weekly. This is a good support group.

Marja said...

A great job for a great cause I love garage sales In holland it is only allowed one day a year on queens birthday

Zenserly said...

I love garage sales too! all those items look interesting...

Gattina said...

I hope you sold a lot of things !!

Jama said...

That's really an enormous sale with so many stuffs to buy! I love artificial flowers and have lots of them at home.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Ann, what a wonderful idea to raise money for a great cause. I hope that cute little bear went to someone very special.

CBM sounds like a wonderful and caring organization. Thank yo so much for sharing.

Anne said...

A wonderful thing to do!