Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Stills-Weather or Not

Sunday Stills-Weather or Not

I should have saved Transitions for this week when winter ends and spring begins but in keeping with the seasons lets find us some weather…..naughty or nice. Let’s show everyone what it’s doing in your neck of the woods.

Have you still got frost and dead weeds or blossoms…

..snow, wind, rain or blue skies?

Here in Auckland, we don't have snow. We get plenty of rain. We are heading towards Autumn. We have flowers all year round.

This is Albert Ng. He has lived through all sorts of weather. He was born in Cambodia, a tropical weather, went to Hong Kong and Macau, a sub tropical weather, endured the freezing Canadian winter, and then a temperate Australia and New Zealand weather.

Albert graduated with aBachelor degree in Applied Theology at Carey Baptist College.
Today, he was welcomed to Mt Albert Baptist Church as our Chinese pastor. Here he is, welcomed with his wife Lily and children as a family, by our lead pastor, Jonathan Dove.


Karin said...

Would love to have flowers all year round! Interesting photos! Have a happy autumn!

Ed said...

Veru nice, enjoy autum we are heading for an early summer here..:-)

Anonymous said...

these are lovely ann, are you having a weird start to autumn over there? .. we are here

Anonymous said...

beautiful clouds :)