Sunday, March 4, 2012

Save the world: Partner with a less fortunate country.

If you visit my church, the Mt Albert Baptist Church for the first time, you are served a cup of Barista brew coffee.

If you continue to come, you are served with a plungered made coffee.

If you like the plungered made coffee, you can buy a packet of coffee powder.
They are made from La Mai coffee grown in Thailand.

This is part of my church's ministry to help Thailand.

This coffee service was started by Dion Knill. On duty today were Christelle, Tolia, Chris and Donavin. They are also involved with the Global shop which sells products made in Thailand.

Through providing loans for the villages to purchase coffee plants, the villages can begin producing a good income that returns back into the development of their own homes and village. This coffee is where we get our La Mai coffee from.

La Mai coffee is very high quality arabica coffee from the highlands of Thailand, and is custom-roasted in small batches by expert coffee roasters Coffee Worx, based in Christchurch.

The Process of Producing La Mai Coffee

Watch the video and see for yourself how drinking La Mai coffee makes a difference:
Order La Mai Coffee

Imagine you’re a young girl born in northern Thailand.

You’ve been sold by your parents to to pay off a debt they incurred to loan sharks. Fearful and alone, you've been sent to work in the prostitution trade in Bangkok. Ahead of you is a life of misery and degradation. There is no way out. No hope.

But Bright Hope World is doing something to help these children. And when you drink La Mai coffee, so are you.

Here's how:

We pay our growers well above fair trade prices
We're not for profit and we don't pay ourselves wages
Coffee profits go into rescuing Thai girls from prostitution

So enjoy the coffee, and know you’re now part of a story with a happy ending. And please put the word around – the coffee’s great but the story is even better.


Anonymous said...

ann you have so many different & varying blogs, such a busy woman :)

Louis la Vache said...

This is fantastic. «Louis» has a coffee he sourced in Rwanda and donates a portion of the proceeds when he sells a package to help build a school in Rwanda.

Ensurai said...

What a lovely idea!! Hope to visit your church soon. May God grant me my wish...

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

putting money where my mouth is, after telling my colleagues in school about this, I decided to treat them with this coffee.

I emailed them this link and told them coffee as my shout. The school has 3 plungers, and I made the coffee. They loved it.

Dion's kids come to my school.