Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Stills-Birdstalking

You see my silver car DLC with the dent at the corner? The gulls are just about to land.

The gulls were waiting for me to feed them.
They fly off after I shoo them away.

You won't believe it, and normally I won't believe it. This post is supposed to be birdstalking, which I take it to be us stalking birds.

But today, after taking photos of my Church's garage sale, the sea gulls and pigeons were stalking me. As I approached my car with a bag full of empty pots which I was going to use to pot baby plants to sell for Crops for Charity for Nepal. Guess what happened?

A whole lot of seagulls and pigeons started to land on me. After taking enough photos,I had to shoo them away so I don't run them over by my car.

I did stalk these ones at the beach.

I have to show the Godwits, in case you see them, and they tell you about meeting me in New Zealand. The Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) is a large wader in the family Scolopacidae, which breeds on Arctic coasts and tundra mainly in the Old World, and winters on coasts in temperate and tropical regions of the Old World.[2] It makes the longest known non-stop flight of any bird and also the longest journey without pausing to feed by any animal, 11,680 kilometres (7,258 mi) along a route from Alaska to New Zealand.[3]

Oyster eaters are displaced when the council removed the oysters and oyster shells at Pt Chevalier beach. I see them away from their comfort zone. In this photo, it is at the Omaha bird sanctur.
Sunday Stills-Birdstalking

Stalking birds in my neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I've never been known to stalk birds. No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

seagulls are always around aren't they?
hope you're well ann

wenn said...

I would love to stalk them too..

MTWaggin said...

I like the ones on the beach, looks like they are in formation just for you. Oyster catchers are a fave of mine as well, when I can get to the coast but never have been that close.

Anonymous said...

wow, i loved the birds with the clouds background, amazing.

Ed said...

Gulls seem to be a global bird, the Godwits are really cool, great colours. Ever seen a Kiwi?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots - love that shot of the birds in the sky.

I don't think I want to be stalked by gulls though.

Zenserly said...

lovely shots..that one with the birds flying against the clouds is what I love most...smiling here reading the part where you had to shoo them away :-)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you bird shots!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Good bird pictures Ann -- all those gulls "stalking" you is a little scary (like the old movie 'The Birds'). Loved seeing the pictures and being reminded of the amazing flight of the godwits. Nice post.