Saturday, April 21, 2012


Santa, I want: 1 a barbie doll,
                      2 my little pony.
                      3 Lego
                      4 a tutu skirt
                      5 paints
Wait, how many things am I allowed?
Wait, how many more am I allowed? I haven't asked for my sister, mum, dad and my best friends.

Santa, " Hurry up kid, I am not an hourly paid labourer, I can't go home until all the kids have gone."

Happy birthday to this kid who protects her privacy, she will turn 24 next month.

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Jo said...

Hallo Ann, just popping in to say thanks for visiting my blog so regularly during the time that I was "offline" Due to new Internet I'm online again and enjoying blog visits, comments and joining in the fun. Have a great day. Blessings. Jo