Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunday Stills:New Beginning’s

All these photos are taken in Western Springs lake, my favourite part of Auckland. I take it for granted now, I live about 15 minutes walk, and I used to drive pass everyday.

This is a remake of the Ugly Duckling, New Zealand version. Our swans are black. May be our swans are banished from the Northern hemisphere by their beautiful white cousins. Or was it their clean pristine white feathers turned black after they fly all the way now here. I believe in Perth, Australia, they also have black swans.

Ducklings, look at the ugly monsters, don't play with them.

This is a repeat. I love this so much that I want to show it again and again.

This is not a photo shop.

A Sunday outing at my favourite Western Springs park got me all excited. Do count, how many goslings there are. I counted 17 or 18.

Ka Pai aka good job, Goosey Lucy and Daddy Gander.

In a previous post, I mentioned there were aunties, and indeed, there was an adult goose tagging along mummy and daddy. They swam a whole stretch of over one hundred meters each way like a fleet of naval boats.

I invite you all to come to New Zealand to witness this marvelous sight.


wenn said... awesome when they were in line..

Anonymous said...

We have black swans too and I think I saw a black swan in an English tv show the other night. I was surprised to learn as a kid that swans weren't all white. They were in all the books.

CameraCruise said...

Great series of beautiful photos.
We have two black swans here (imported from Australia). I think they're so beautiful.
Wish you a wonderful weekend, Ann.

Lina Gustina said...

I want to sit around and see the swans :)

Gemma Ann said...

Hi Ann,
oh what beautiful pictures of ducks you have. All the others too. Will be visitng New Zealand soon. How nice it would be to see the place you mentioned.

Thrilled you dropped by.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Ann, love the black swans and your photos. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Ensurai said...

Black is beautiful..and yet in Malaysia...there are beauty programmes which promise whitened skins....In my family (three generations of us) we have fair skinned ones and darker skinned ones...In my family odd numbers are fair and even numbers are darker but over the years we all have become very much fairer..Hokkiens used to say Chiar bak (dark skin) and comfort each other and say...chiar bak pun swee.

I cannot really say which I love or white swans..they are both beautiful and especially in your photos...

by the way..dark skin pupils get bullied more than fiar skin ones..what a pity.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I love the line of young ones on the water, following the parents.