Sunday, April 8, 2012

Save the world: Figs and birds.

These fruits are from another untended tree. There were not many fruits, but there don't seem to be any birds. To be fair, this photo was taken one month earlier. May be the birds are not interested in unripe fruits.

Wild fig tree

Net over the fig tree.

Trapped inside were some small birds. The silver eye has a white ring round it's eyes.

Last summer, I had 3 fruiting plum trees and one apple tree. The birds came out in droves and pecked at the fruits. It was just as well I couldn't eat the plums because my gums felt funny at the thought of the plums. The water engineer was away, and the son didn't eat plums. Besides, I had a zillion plums which the kids in the neighbourhood enjoyed. And I didn't care very much for the apples

One day, a colleague offered, "Anybody want old CDs for art etc? Also good for scaring birds away from your vegetable garden." I asked if they were good for scaring birds away from my fruit trees.

My friends suggested I use nets. The plum trees are far too big for nets, but I could throw a net over part of the tree.

This afternoon, I went for a walk with my camera. I saw a house owner had covered his fig tree with a net. Inside were some silver eye birds. I was waiting to get some photos. I snap a few photos, but it was hard to get the birds. The tree was laden with fruits.

Then I went and saw a wild fig tree, there were not many fruits. In fact, I could see only one and there was not one bird.

The only drawback with the net deterent, an elderly gentleman came and spoke with me. He said the trouble is, the birds don't eat one fruit, they peck and make numerous holes in numerous fruits.

Well, my mum used to say, God gave us plenty. He also gave us birds.

My blogger friend Gatinna says the net is too big, they should be smaller so the birds can't get in. I was standing there on the road for a while observing the birds. They seemed to be stressed, flying here and there. I think they were trying to escape. My gentleman friend and I did not want to be busy bodies and knock on the door to tell them about the birds.

Perhaps one way to solve this problem, is to go to the tree at regular intervals to release the birds if any got trap here. Or I wonder if hanging old CDs would help. When was the first reason I had this discussion.

For TexWisGirl : The Run*A*Round Ranch Report who has a bird feeder.


Gattina said...

I hope the little birds could get out ! Not a very good idea with such a net, the holes should be smaller !

Ensurai said...

Over hear we use nets and plastic bags...until one banana farm was called "Bananas with blue skirts farm!!" I will take a photo One day

Lina Gustina said...

What happen to the bird now?

Ed said...

Hope you get some good fruit this year, netting trees is a good idea. Here we are having deer problems with the berry bushes..:-)

Anonymous said...

Wild figs - how delicious!

Anonymous said...

die Vögel wissen auch was schmeckt..
LG vom katerchen

mrs.columbo said...

Hi Ann! I'm from austria and my fig tree is standing in my cellar and waiting for warm and sunny days to move to the balkony! It's the only fruit and I don't know if it will ripe, but the time is long enough till october.