Monday, April 23, 2012

My World Tuesday: Auckland Domain

Here is Paul holding an old "Pelican"
The Auckland Domain is one of my favourite places in Auckland, This is the Winter Garden, and I love the green houses that houses the flowers. I was lucky that Paul was there and he gave me a quick lessons on the names of the names.

I was attracted to his plant which is about 8 inches long. Paul explained that it is commonly called Pelican flower or Dutchman's pipeThe smell, it reminds me ot the Rafflesia in Sarawak.  When it is a bud, it looks like a Pelican. I should go back and take more photos.  Thank you Paul.

Reader Wil, this is for you. 
When I heard the name, I thought to myself, I must tell Reader Wil.
Here is from Wikipedia.

Aristolochia grandiflora, or Pelican Flower, is a deciduous vine with enormous flowers that emit an odor that humans consider unpleasant but attractive to insects. The plant is native to the Caribbean, and has been introduced to Florida in the United States as an attractor of butterflies.

Detail of Pelican Flower with pollinators


Ginny Hartzler said...

The third picture, it looks like everything is in color but the one plant is black and white. I love plant and tree places like this, you and I could probably spend all day in places like this.

Anonymous said...

That flower is beautiful!

Jeannette StG said...

Very interesting flower, Ann! Never seen this one:)Can imagine by the name Dutchman's pipe, tat it smells like tobacco smoke, lol.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of interesting flower.

genie said...

What an unusual plant. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the name Pelican Flower. I have heard of Dutchman’s Pipes. Your captures this week are so lovely. genie