Friday, November 7, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday: Letter Y for yoga,

My massage therapist.

I went to the The Bigness Within- Chiropractic & Yoga for a
Ayurvedic detoxifying and rebalancing Massage. I enjoy the relaxing touch of massage and I go to all sorts of styles of massage.

The massage therapist Sushma asked a few questions if I got any injury or surgery. She said she was using the Ayurvedi sesame oil. Then she left me to enjoy my massage while she worked on me.

Soon the hour was finished and I was relaxed. I asked if it was ok to do a blog post on her, and on Trip advisor. She was very happy.

The centre is run by Dr Vanesha Lallu, chiropractor and Yoga Teacher.

This centre is where my daughter goes for her Yoga sessions.


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