Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Farewell, Dennis Hii

 Photo: In remembrance of our beloved Tai Chi master,
our Lau Peng Yu Dennis Hii 许忠仁 passed away on 15 Nov last Saturday.
So sad and shocking.
Cherish every moment we are together!

His mum has become a bereaved mum,
Just like me.
Cry Mrs. Hii, Cry.

Dennis is special to me.
When I was teaching in Kai Chung,
Dennis was the house captain.
I was one of the house mistress.

I always remember this photo.
I went in 2013 for the class reunion,
Dennis remembered me. 
How was I to know that  would be our last.

For the loved ones,
Dennis left behind,
for his wife, for his children,
It's Ok to cry.

When your student dies before you do.


Reader Wil said...

I am so sorry, Ann, for the loss of your friend.

Gattina said...

Oh, that's so sad !