Thursday, November 20, 2014

FSO: from your home

This is my computer where I do my writing, blogging and facebooking. I have these 2 chicks to distract me when I am bored.
My Dad went to China.
He came back with a Panda.
For my daughter.
When she moved out of the house,
She left a panda,
It represents the "Chineseness"  in me.
我是 陈洁雪

This is where I sit when watching TV or where I turn around and work on my computer.

These are wild plants that got tamed by me. They grew by themselves. Purple Top  (Verbena bonariensis)

This is where I like to spend time, my garden , especially when it is not raining and not winter.

Nov 21: Inside - Share with us images from your homes, or other objects where you like (or have to) to spend your time.

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