Monday, January 11, 2010

Macro Monday: Mid night Glory

This succulent plant blooms around mid night, and closes shortly after. So if you miss it, you miss it.

In Borneo, the Mid night Glory blooms once in a few years and usually only a single bloom. People regard it as an sign of good luck. They will buy the lottery when they see this flower bloom.

A friend holds a party and invites friends especially friends from overseas to see this unusual miracle.

In Australia, however, my brother Joseph's plant blooms numerous flowers often. May be that is why I am enjoying my holiday in the land of the rich and famous.


Ensurai said...

Your brother is definitely full of luck!!

Luck to you too!!

yes I remember the party to see the giant blooms. Only the rich and famous were invited too...And they became richer and more famous???

Jama said...

I remembered staying up late to watch this flower bloom, when I was a child living in a kampung. Some of the neighours stayed up too.
One of my neighbour have this plant and I saw 2 flower pods ready to bloom but I didn't stayed up to watch, by morning I saw they shrivel and almost dried.

David Chin said...

I believe in Miri we know this flower as bunga Rajah.

diane b said...

I have seen this flower at a friends house one night when we were there for dinner. It is so unusual.