Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silky Chicken

Sarawakiana writes about how a Mother shows her love for her children by brewing a special chicken soup with ginseng, goji seeds, red dates and black chicken. Please click on her link to see what the cooked chicken is like and enjoy her delicious soup.

In Sarawak, Mum kept a few of these silky chicken with fine soft white feathers, but surprisingly black skinned, black meat and black boned chicken. They are very small, and I can't remember who she brewed the soup for. The meat is not very tasty after all the juice have been extracted.

In Singapore, women in confinement aka women who have given birth to a baby, have these steamed chicken for their juice, everyday for a month, till they are sick of it. They say it is better than the commercial Cerebos Brands JI GIN aka chicken essence. They steam the chicken without adding any fluid until all the chicken juice comes out.

I didn't have this luxury. 3 of my 4 kids were born in NZ, and my husband didn't believe in confinement business. When I had Sam in Singapore. I got a confinement maid, but I don't know why she didn't brew this pure unadulterated black chicken juice for me.

I took this photo in Western Springs, in Auckland. It reminded me of my teen aged years when I was the child responsible for feeding Mum's chicken, ducks and the occasional turkey.

This post is specially for Sarawakiana. This year has been very special to me. On the cyber highway, I met Sarawakiana who was in the senior class when I started secondary school. I have been away from the town I grew up in for 35 years. She has been filling me with news of home.

It is customary among the Foochows, her father's people to give gifts of live chicken. I am sending her a cyber silky chicken for Chinese New Year.


dinzie said...

We had a lot of silky Chickens when I was growing up as they made excellent brood hens for rearing chicks ... .But we never ate them because of their black skin....

I've very curious to try it now :O)


Ensurai said...

Dear Ann

I am so touched.! You are so thoughtful!

This is the first "live chicken gift" since my last child was born!

that's about 23 years ago.

thanks...thanks....thanks..(3 times)
and 3 bows.

Serline said...

Don't remember if I had black chicken during confinement for Narelle, but definitely lots of pork and Kampung chicken ;-) My mom came over to Phuket and took care of me for 2 months.