Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music Box dancer by Frank Mills

Dear Music Lovers,

I am not a music lover, but I love certain songs and there is one piece of music. It has much significance to me.

I first heard the music piece on the radio called Tranquility in 1984. I just had a twenty six hours of difficult time giving birth to my first born. When I went to my room with my baby, totally exhausted, this music was played in the pipe line. It gave me tranquility as I lovingly gazed at my sleeping baby.

I fell in love with the soothing music and it became my favourite music.

Is Tranquility the same as Music Box dancer? Was it played by Frank Mills then?

This same baby plays the piano, and lives thousands of miles in Singapore. When she plays it to me over the phone, it gives me tranquility.

Many parenting experts suggest playing music to your baby while she/he is still in your stomach. D is the only child who plays the piano. I wonder if her listening to this piece when she was a few hours old have anything to do with it. What do you think?

Frank Mills (born June 27, 1942), is a Canadian pianist and recording artist, best known for his solo instrumental hit "Music Box Dancer".

Mills grew up in Verdun, Quebec[1] and started playing piano at age 3. He briefly attended McGill University[1] and in the late 1960s became a member of The Bells. He left the band in 1971 just before it had international success with the single "Stay Awhile."


Anonymous said...

I love that piece too. That was a wonderful story of how you came to love that piece. In answer to your question about the Black Walnuts on my post the other day. The black that you see on the ground is the thick protective hull that protects the nuts. When you gather them you spread them out to dry and many folks place them on the driveway so that they will be run over and the hulls will crack open. Then you take the nut, crack it and it is delicious. Except they make my tongue sore. I guess they are acidic.

Ensurai said...

Any shop in Auckland selling only music boxes?

One of my daughters started collecting music boxes but gave up when she grew up as she different hobbies.

Nice piece.

Dave said...

I enjoyed this blog Ann and am also a favourite of this tune by this artist. Thanks for featuring it. - Dave

Serline said...

Both my elder children learned the piano. But after moving to Phuket, my son decided to switch to guitar.

Whenever my eldest daughter practises her pieces, the little one will either sit beside her and watch or hum while she plays.

Music is therapeutic; I can't live without it. It was really a joy, listening to the music by Frank Mills.

I am not going back for CNY, as the kids have to attend school.

Unknown said...

I think playing music to the unborn and newly born makes a significant difference. Thank you for tellig that story, Ann.