Thursday, January 28, 2010

Save the world, Thursday Green: Cleaning the lake

When I see lotus or water lily pads, I think of fellow blogger Kate from Kuala Lumpur. She posted beautiful photos of lotus flowers and leaves.

This is for you Kate. I pick these pads because they are different from the ones I know. They have little white flowers growing from the underside of the leaves. Tiny plantlets also grow from there. perhaps they always so, except I had not paid attention to them when I was little when my dad grew them in big salted egg jars.

These lily pads and water weeds in the Clear Island Water Bay are obnoxious weeds. Their growth entangles the propellors of the boats and the council comes to clear them from the sides of the creks. Unfortunately with the boats moored at the private jetties along the creek, inevitabily, patches of these weeds are left choking the water. Once I saw a dead eel floating among the weeds. The water is nutrient rich with ducks and Australian coots pooping in the water.

In the post I did on my other site, Sam and his cousins made a game of clearing the weeds. When I am swimming, I too do the same.

I asked my skipper what that bouy looking like structure is. He said, it's an aeration device. The water engineer would be pleased I noticed it. I am sure he saw it when he was in the boat the time he came to the Gold Coast and my brother took him for a ride.


Ensurai said...

Ha...first time I notice the flowers from under the pads!

Lily pads multiply to astronomical proportions!!

Beautiful pictures.

wenn said...

nice discovery! indeed great to clean the lake.

Unknown said...

Hi ya Ann, wah...banyak Thank you for thinking of me. I think of you whenever I see durians too..will take an extra bite on your behalf next time :)
I love lotuses and water lilies..though I dont have much success with water lilies in the past. Have a fab weekend Ann...hugs/m

Jama said...

These water lilies are beautiful but leaving unchecked they can take over the whole lake. Here in the small pond at the nearby garden, the cleaner comes regularly to clear the lilies, leaving just enough to beautify the pond.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Ann, good that you could celebrate Australia Day; (in a different way!)
Yes, I saw how black it was on Wednesday. We had a terrible storm. wind but not much rain, about 20 mm. I am still happy about that but the next day I had to clean up the garden from fallen debris. It is good to teach everybody to clean up. Everyday I clean up somebodies mess when I go and fetch the mail. There are always wrappers, plastic bags etc. thrown from the cars who drive into the valley. Some people do not care; but many do the right thing! Like you and I!

Arija said...

Thanks for popping over Ann, no, these were at the wetlands at Yeppoon.