Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My world Tuesday: Victoria Street Chimney

This morning at about 7am, a 5.1 aftershock hit Christchurch. A seismologist says that aftershocks don't get smaller in a hurry, they just get less frequent.

Many chimneys in Christchurch houses fell. I loathe to imagine what would have happened to our Victoria Street Chimney if the earthquake hit Auckland. (Thomas, this is for you, I had posted other photos before)


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a chimney! Does it have an actual purpose, or just for looks and tourists?

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Is it a shot tower?
Whne I heard about Christchurch I was shocked, had it been on the North Island I could have understood, but the South Island? Christchurch was one of my favourite cities and I really enjoyed my time there.

Ensurai said...

I have always been fascinated by chimneys...Will now go and look at more news about CC. Hope all is well friend's son has just started studying there a month ago. So far he is ok.

farmlady said...

That's quite a chimney. So is the church behind it. Lovely photo.

I do hope things settle down in Christchurch. What a shame. Do you get a lot of earthquakes in your area?

Dora said...

When I saw the news re earthquakes in NZ, I was worry abt you Ann. I couldn't go to your blog 'coz the broadband@my place was down for few days 'til it's back to normal in the late evening yesterday. I'm so glad it doesn't affect your place :-)