Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Save the World: Clean up after your dog


In many parks and beaches of Auckland, you see these cages with plastic bags in them. In the world, there are some environmental conscious people and there are some who are not.

Some of the latter group are irresponsible dog owners. You are supposed to clean up after your dog had poo-ed. But these people don't and give the excuse they don't have a plastic bag.

The environmental conscious people save up all sorts of plastic bags, and leave them in these cages, so that the dog owner who forget to bring their own bags can help themselves to a bag and pick up their dog's poo.

I was very furious today. It had been raining the whole day. The school footpath was wet and slipperly. Among some fallen camelias was this trampled on dog poo. Some idiot did not clean up after his dog and 660 primary school kids would have trampled on it.

In New Zealand, especially in summer, kids go barefooted. I hope you understand why I am so angry.


The photo is at a very popular park.

As for school, people take their dogs when they send their children to school. Before, they even brought them into the school compound.

Then one day, a dog bit a child. the principal banned dogs from entering the school.

The case was the child's mum said the dog owner encouraged the kid to touch the dog. (Which is very often the case in New Zealand.)

I see it all the time when I come to school or when I go home. The dog owners will say," Go ahead, it is a friendly dog."

After the ban, people tie their dogs on the rails outside the footpath when they walk into the school with their children.

I don't like it, because some young kids are afraid of the dogs, and they have to walk on the muddy grass verge because the dog is sitting right in the middle of the footpath.

Other times, the poor dog bark loudly because the owner is gone a long time.

I watched the Dog whisperer Caeser with great interest. He said that Mexicans try to avoid other people's dogs. Other White Europeans will go and touch stranger's dogs.

I belong to the same school of thought of the Mexicans, I have been taught by my parents never to approach other people's dog, and I have a deep scar in my buttocks to show for it.


No, newspaper is not as efficient.

I know because one year, when my school had the cross country run, I and a few teachers were down at the public park getting ready for the students. And what do I see? Doggy poop where the little children would be sitting on the grass.

I could pretend I didn't see the poop, but I knew if I left them, the kids would start a pandemonium if some of them stood or sat on them.

I tried to use paper to clean them up, paper did not work. Plastic bags work best. I don't want to be graphic, you can imagine. Especially if the poop is fresh of if the grass is wet.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Right on the school footpath!!! I would be so mad, too!! Why would anyone even let their dog poop on a school pathway? Is this the path in your picture, or is this a park? The cages are a great idea!! They should be put in all places where lots of people walk their dogs.

Cheryl said...

I so agree with you! I hate to step into poop right in the middle of a path or trail. What is wrong with people? It only takes a minute to clean up. I wished I could scoop it up and drop it on their front doorstep!

khengsiong said...

So we still need plastic bags?
I have never had pet dog. Will newspaper do?

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...
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Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...
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Dave said...

I'm with you Ann. Though most dog owners are considerate there are still many who are not, and should not be allowed to own dogs. - Dave