Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: Cemetery

This is the stuff you read in books or watch in movies. I am most upset that people actually do go to cemeteries and steal babies' identities. Many of you know that my baby died, and I would not only be flabberghasted but be extremely angry if some idiot had stolen my late baby's identity and use it to apply for a passport.

New Zealand Acts party hard line law and order spokesman MP David Garrett has told Parliament he created a false identity by applying for a passport in the name of a dead child 26 years ago.

In a statement to the House this afternoon, the MP said he had used the method outlined in Frederick Forsyth's novel The Day of the Jackal to apply for the dead child's passport.

Mr Garrett said he had applied for the passport as a prank - to see if it could be done - and had never used the passport, which had since expired.

Mr Garrett was arrested years later as part of an investigation into bogus passports, conducted by the police in the wake of the discovery Israeli Mossad agents had used the same method to obtain New Zealand passports.

The MP said he had expressed remorse to the parents of the child and written to apologise to them. Today he said he would carry the remorse with him for the rest of his life.

I took this photo of a baby's grave. It is not my son's.


Gattina said...

Unbelievable ! I will never understand what is going on in some peoples mind, that's horrible !

Ginny Hartzler said...

Good grief!! Well, that author is irresponsible to have written how do do this in his novel!! What a touching headstone.

Unknown said...

Its quite unbelievable but it happens.

Sue said...

It really is horrible what some people will do. I can't imagine how horrible it would be for the family of the child.

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