Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday stills: Letter S

This is a man made spider, and I am sure it is this spider who frightened Little Miss Muffet. Spiders own a tiny room in the children's Sunday school room at Mt Albert Baptist Church.

We went to the Takapuna beach, the weather was still cold and raining occasionally. Mr. Coffee man wasn't getting much business. He was demonstrating throwing up a stick with two sticks to his lady friend.

We treated our Singapore guest to a Chinese dimsum lunch. This visitor travels all over the world. We were very happy to hear from him that Auckland's dimsum is even better than Singapore's. Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant has become Auckland’s premier source for fine Chinese dining. We enjoyed the Steamed dimsum and I thought of my mum who used to make our fav, HARGAU.

We drove past this, and I snapped it in the car. So the photo isn't the best. In the old days, a bar usually had rooms upstairs.
Lone Star Café and Bar is situated in an iconic general store that dates back to 1910 on Hauraki Corner, the Takapuna branch of the popular Lone Star Café and Bar chain has a great kids' menu and also allows BYO wine. The perfect spot for sunset watching and great, no nonsense comfort food.

My guest heard that Auckland is known as a city where there are four seasons in a block, which is worst than what I had been told as four seasons in a day. Here is one sole sail boat in the harbour.

Auckland is known as the city of sails. But yesterday, except for the lone sail boat, the marina showed that the sails were down, and yachties were no where to be seen.

At Windsor Reserve, they were building shelters for the Dog's big day out. 1500 dogs turned up.

These two seagulls sashayed to attract my attention knowing I was going to make them famous.

When I was growing up in Borneo, Sibu town is ninety miles from the sea. I always dreamed of going to the sea side and picking up sea shells. Now, I am so fortunate that the sea is just twenty minutes away,

I figure since its the last challenge for September we can do a letter challenge for next week. The only rule this week is that it has to be THINGS that start with the letter “S’ and NO ARCHIVES. Have fun and I’ll see ya’ll next week. Ed

We had a visitor yesterday. The weather had been kind, and we went out to the beach and took lots of photos. Thanks Ed, for an easy challenge.


Anonymous said...

Loved the sailboat and seagulls. :)

Ruth said...

The dim sum looks wonderful! I would love to live 20 minutes from the sea. Your place is full of wonderful "S's".

wenn said...

the spider is cute!

Ed said...

Very cool, looks like you had alot of fun with your S shots...:-))

Shirley said...

A perfect challenge for you! My favourite is the seagulls.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The two seagulls are so cute together, wonder if they are a pair? I never quite knew what Dimsun is. Is it lots of small dishes? It is chilly and rainy here today, and that sure looks good, wish I could reach in the screen and eat it, try a little bit of everything! That's an adorable, though scary spider, and I bet it would be easy to make.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great tour!

Anonymous said...

the seagull photo is very well captured, i like it

Dave said...

An interesting little piece of "a day in the life of Ann." Thanks for sharing Ann. Liked your big spider too - Dave

Anonymous said...

Interesting photos. I especially like the two seagulls. :-)

Marja said...

The seagulls are really posing for you lol The food looks yam Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences