Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Down in Kiwi Land, poems by Tom Giles

I met Tom Giles today. I am interested in him because he had published his book : Down in Kiwi Land, book of poems. He wrote it in his sixties and now he is in his eighties. Here's Tom, a writer, singer, raconteur, and poet. To those of you in America and Europe, the Kiwi is our national bird, and the people of New Zealand are affectionately called Kiwis.

His CV reads: builder, drain-layer, fireman, boat builder, fisherman, deer stalker to name but a few.

It is this poem that touched my heart. Tom gave me permission to reproduce it here.

The Child Who Was Too Beaten to Cry.

Who knows the torment, trauma, pain?
How can you assess the blame?
Me an infant only two
Can you feel the pain I went through?

Beaten bruised and thrown about
Is this what life is all about?
Why should I receive such scorn?
Oh that I was never born

Why did they inflict such pain?
Were they human, or insane?
We know Christ himself forgave
While I lie silent in my grave

Now I rest in peaceful sleep
May God in his mercy keep
Many children just like me
Free from hurt and misery

Tom told me he wrote this after a child died of child abused in the Star ship hospital.

Tom's book is published by Weaving the Strands,
The book sells for NZ$19.95

He also wrote a small booklet, "Of Tales and thoughts" seen through the eyes of a "Kiwi"

Tom lives in Auckland, New Zealand, he can be contacted at: 64 09 625 7346

After I posted this, I spoke to a friend whose kids used to worship at the Mt Albert Baptist Church. To them, Tom was the man they loved, he used to drive in his bus and take them places.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I knew about kiwi birds but did not know you wewe called kiwis. Is Tom very famous there? How great that you got to meet him, how did that come about? Did he autograph a book for you? Did you get to talk to him for very long?

diane b said...

What a heart wrenching poem. How wonderful thaat he is still alive and you actually met him.
I don't care one way or another about Oprah see I don't even know how to spell her name. I'm just not interested in her or her show. However if it promotes tourism to our country then it is good.

Ensurai said...

Dear Ann
The posting is fantastic and the poem comes at a good time in my life....hope the world is awaken to one of the greatest and commonest abuses..thanks.

Dave said...

A very meaningful poem Ann, with thoughts that we should try to prevent this happening. It is a sad thing on our people who do this awful thing. - Dave