Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My World Tuesday: Dry weather


A friend joked, we prayed for fine weather for our Christmas in the Park. We had 6 weeks of good weather that 3 areas were declared drought stricken areas. Last week, God sent rain non stop for 4 days. The drought should be gone.

Rain is very important to a farming country in New Zealand.

Merry Christmas.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Rain is everything to farmers. Glad you finally got lots!

Gattina said...

As it rains so often in Belgium I am happy if it doesn't rain for a week !

lina@women's perspectives said...

It's raining every day here...

Unknown said...

Sending our love this Christmas to you and your family.

Best Regards,
Dave, Eng and Ysabelle

Merry Christmas and Sorry

Cheryl said...

If its not one thing with the weather its another! Some parts of our country have had heavy rain and flooding. It is snowing heavily here as I write this...we will indeed have a white Christmas! Wishing you a happy holiday!