Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday stills: Hats

Everyday, in August, we have daffodil day, we support the Cancer cause, and in school, we are encouraged to wear yellow. I put a yellow band on this hat when I go to school. I also wear green and yellow.

In February, on Waitangi Day, I join my friend Ngarimu in the Zero Waste Program. During a family festival, we teach the public on recycling and reusing. Ngarimu gives us this grass cowboy hats.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Hats

I wear hats in the summer. New Zealand had a high UV level because of the hole in the ozone level on top of us.

These two hats are special to me.


wenn said...

I seldom wear hats..but caps..

Ginny Hartzler said...

The only thing better is if these pictures showed you wearing them!

Dar said...

I love straw hats. They not only protect us from the elements, but are cool and comfy. Way to go on supporting the causes.

Jama said...

Singapore is very hot and yet not many people wear hats. With the recent influx of Chinese PR, I've seen some of them wore hats around.

Ensurai said...

Hats are always interesting. Here we have different native hats made from palm leaves called Biru. These Dou di are the conical hats worn by both men and women of all races!! They are very lasting too. I have the Melanau decorative ones and the Iban housewives' normal wear. There is one with beads made from biru too and we keep it as a decoration.

Good to know about hats from all over the world.

Dave said...

I wear a hat in summer any time I go outside in my garde. It gives heat protection. Those two hats look very sensible Ann - Dave