Monday, December 20, 2010

Save the world, Obey the signs

in Australia, they have terrible bush fires, people die. Sometimes, the firemen find that the fires were deliberately lit by arsons. We even had two New Zealand fire fighters who volunteered to fire the Aussie fires, and they were injured very badly.

In New Zealand, where there are a lot of trees, and fire risks, there are these fire signs all over the country. We can't risk having idiots start bush fires by their carelessness.

Sorry, this is the best I could taking the photo in a moving car.


Ginny Hartzler said...

We have a lot of brush fires around here, too. But people don't usually die! How do they die? Are they die, is it the firefighters?

Anonymous said...

it's tragic what happens
Merry Christmas, I wish you a safe & happy 2011 :)

Cheryl said...

If only those people who start or cause these fires would just think. There is too much senseless loss of beautiful land, homes and even people. Fire is a terrible thing.

Unknown said...

I read about the Aussie fire and its so sad and to think it's done on purpose...I cannot understand. Over here and near my home, we have morons too lighting them on purpose - for land clearing, something you are familiar with I am sure. Though no one dies but the smoke really chocked up the whole housing areas, same-same. Happens every year, fire one-complaint-onto the papers-loads of hooha..and then it starts all over again next year. Pretty much same like our bus accident, one just went down en route Genting...

anyway, Merry Christmas you and your love ones.

Reader Wil said...

People destroying woods of the world are criminals in my opinion, because they create dangerous situations and they rob us of the lungs of the earth. I hope that those people are stopped in time, and that they come to their senses.
Anyway Ann, I wish you a very happy Christmas!

penny said...

We too have brush fires and they do a lot of damage to the environment of humans and wildlife alike.
A great reminder, Ann.


Gattina said...

We don't have bush fires but sometimes fires in the wood, mostly caused by people intentionally or not, it's a shame !

Cloudia said...

Aloha from Hawaii

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