Monday, December 6, 2010

Save our World: Clean your beaches

International chart-topper Jack Johnson is getting behind a large-scale Kiwi initiative to clear our beaches of rubbish.

The Love your Coast movement has got the thumbs up from Johnson, an avid surfer, who has been touring the country this week.

In previous visits to New Zealand, the Hawaiian-born singer has been spotted surfing at Piha and Raglan beaches.

This week, Johnson announced he was donating 100 per cent of the profits from his 2010 To The Sea tour to charity - including a number of organisations involved in the Love your Coast mission.

The large-scale coastal clean-ups are taking place all over New Zealand, starting tomorrow.

The new initiative aims to combine different beach clean-up and environmental organisations to work on clearing our shores together, as well as smaller local groups who conduct their own beach tidy-ups.

Sustainable Coastlines, The Sir Peter Blake Trust, Keep New Zealand Beautiful and the Te Wai Pounamu Foundation are some of the organisations combining their efforts for the cause.

The first clean-up will take place tomorrow on Rangitoto Island. National media manager Tim Rainger said the idea behind Love your Coast was "critical mass" - to get everyone with the same objective working together.

Involving people like Jack Johnson - as well as Barnaby Weir of Kiwi band The Black Seeds and models from the Christchurch-based agency Portfolio - aims to bring a "cool" factor to the clean-ups.

Monday's event involves around 1000 Auckland students who will help at Rangitoto, including a group from the Muslim Zayed School for Girls who will help out while wearing full burquas.

All the rubbish collected will be audited by periodic detention workers, organised through the Department of Corrections. The results will be used for education resources for schools about coastline protection.


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a great idea! That second picture is the cleanest beach I've even seen,and I like the pretty flowers. What do you mean by auditing the trash? Are they going to sort it out and keep it?

Unknown said...

I do hope we have something similar here. Rubbish is still thrown widely everywhere,seems like a habbit that's hard to kick unfortunately. I will swing over to the kiwi country one day...must be really nice there and need to stay for longer period.

Louis la Vache said...

Ann - you recently asked if the Zeppelin Eureka has windows. Here are photos taken from the Eureka, giving you an aerial tour of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unknown said...

What a fabulous idea! When people are involved in caring for a place, they are also more involved in protecting it.