Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fri Shootout: At Rest, At Play, or In Between

 You can see a reflection of me, play as it is fun with my camera and work as I am seeking items for blogging.
 This is work, I am reading with my student. Can't show you my student's face,
 This looks like play, actually it was work. I went to my Ethiopian's student to do an interview about their culture. Then It turned out to be play. Mum made their food and gave me a coffee ceremony.
 This is play, a Kun Ming lantern landed in my garden. It became work when I researched about it.
Meeting my friends from Singapore. Lots of play.

November 23: At Rest, At Play, or In Between How do you spend your time?


Gattina said...

I like to play too ! Nice pictures of you !

Leovi said...

Nice approach, excellent composition, I like those reflections. You take advantage of your time.

Unknown said...

You did a great job putting it all together. Some great photos of you.

Al said...

Nice photos, friends and family are what life's all about.

SandyCarlson said...

Looks like you had some great times! I am glad about that.

Jama said...

You did a great job for this week's theme!

Pauline said...

Good post for this topic, Ann.